Shanina  Shumate,  M.S.      
Licensed  Esthetician *  Career  Wellness *  Beauty Enthusiast *  Yoga Instructor


The Beauty Journey

Right now, can you make an unconditional relationship with yourself – just at the height you are, the weight you are, with the intelligence that you have, and your current burden of pain – can you enter into an unconditional relationship with that?” 

–Pema Chödrön 

I always wanted to pursue a career in makeup and skincare but was persuaded to pursue my degrees first. Since earning my degrees, I am circling back to my first love and career passion: make up and skincare.  You may ask, how does counseling, fashion, skincare and makeup sync together?  Our skin changes over time. As we grow,  changes in our skin and life events can have us to look at ourselves (mind, body and spirit). For example, changes can happen in our career mobility. Life events present changes in how we celebrate such as  anniversaries, weddings, promotions etc. All of these life events require special attention to wellness, makeup and skincare to ensure a memorable look and acknowledgment of your own individuality. The Beauty of Change is how we respond to it.

Why Us?

Master of Science - Counseling  (College & Career)

Licensed Esthetician

Yoga Instructor

IAP Career College - Makeup Artist

IAP Career College - Image Consultant 


QC Academy - Makeup Artist Graduate